Organic farming in Tuscany

The Villa Vignamaggio is a truly organic Tuscan estate because, since 2014, it has been converted to run as an organic enterprise.

You can come and admire the historic vineyards, orchards and new crops as well as the estate’s farms.  The aim is to continue the history, the activities and the traditions of the estate in accordance with a new vision that is modern, ecologically friendly, healthy and clean.

Under the auspices of this project we have strived to achieve excellent quality whilst still respecting the land and the local flora and fauna as well as the human race.

The result of all this is a cutting-edge farm which is in communion with the seasons and pays even greater attention and respect to the rhythms of nature and the changes of each season.


As you stroll around the estate, you will be able to admire the organic orchard with ancient and modern varieties of fruit trees.  You will see 50 pomegranate trees, 180 plum trees, 50 fig trees, 30 apricot trees, 180 apple trees and pear trees.  In addition to these, we grow our own raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and white currants.

In the distance, you may spot a few dozen Cinta Senese pigs which we have encouraged in a semi-wild breeding programme.  We leave the animals free to roam an area of around 1 hectare as well as letting them feed in the fields and woods.  However, we also augment their diet with organic barley and organic beans which have been grown on the estate.

Our cereals are organic too, made from Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and Verna wheat.

Being organic means protecting the land but also paying attention to the health and well-being of our workers and those who will consume the fruits of the land from the Villa Vignamaggio estate.

And this is one of the reasons why the perfect finishing touch to our organic farm project can be found in all the dishes that are served at our in-house Monna Lisa Restaurant, paying fitting tribute to the excellence of Tuscan cuisine.

The dishes are all distinguished, naturally, by the wide range of organic produce from our gardens.  So, you can sample the most authentic flavours of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats which you can enjoy here or, some of which, you can take home with you!

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