Monnalisa & Leonardo

Between 1503 and 1506, Leonardo da Vinci painted his portrait of a noblewoman of enigmatic features, both sensual and at the same time maternal.

The painting remained with him until the end of his days, eternally unfinished.

For years the debate around the mysterious identity of the Gioconda has perplexed academics and biographers and fed the imagination of writers and filmmakers: Could the lady in the painting perhaps be a self-portrait of Leonardo, an imaginary figure, Caterina Sforza, Isabella d’Aragona or the artists’ mother?

In the middle of the XVI century, Vasari identified the woman in the painting as Monna Lisa Gherardini (1479-1542), daughter of Anton Maria di Noldo Gherardini and wife of Francesco del Giocondo, from where the present name of the painting, The Gioconda, is derived.

Sources therefore confirm that it was actually the Gherardini family who built the Vignamaggio Villa in the XIV century.

Perhaps it was for this is the reason, or perhaps because of the similar sounding Via Maggio in Florence, where Monna Lisa was born, that over the years oral accounts and folklore have given rise to the legend that Vignamaggio was Monna Lisa’s home.

Vignamaggio dedicated its flagship wine in the Chianti Classico range, the Gran Selezione Monna Lisa to her and to this story in which history and legend meet and mingle.


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