Within the gardens or official parks of Renaissance villas, there was often a secret garden of sorts, containing fruit or ornamental plants: a Pomario. These spaces became intimate corners, where lords and ladies could retreat amid fragrant herbs and flowers.

For a long time, Vignamaggio’s Pomario was primarily used for growing flowers: Snap dragons, zinnias, gladioli, asters, dahlias and aquilegias were picked to decorate the villa’s rooms and tables. Some years ago, the Nunziante family introduced several varieties of fruit trees like almonds, mulberries, figs, pomegranates, peaches and cherries.

Today the Pomario has been developed into a proper vegetable garden which extends onto small terraces between the fruit and olive trees and the St John’s Wort flowers and lilacs.

The Pomario supplies Vignamaggio’s restaurant daily with vegetables, fruit and herbs grown according to organic gardening principles.


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