With its velvety, sweet taste, Vignamaggio’s “Balsamico”, grape must cream is a smooth, viscous brown sauce, a reduction produced by slow cooking Sangiovese grape must.

A product like this is obtained by passing it through a battery of five kegs of successively smaller sizes, (50, 40, 30, 24, 20 litres) made from different woods (cherry, chestnut, robinia, ash, oak). Over the course of many years, the flavours in the sauce are enhanced by its contact with these different woods.

The final product, when it is ready for bottling, is taken from the smallest keg, which is then filled to about ¾ with the product from the next largest and so on until the largest, which is filled to ¾ with cooked must from “starter’ or ‘mother’ barrel, which contains the cooked must from the previous years.

The kegs have a small door at the top that is left open to allow contact with oxygen, which is necessary for acetification.

This product is a suitable condiment for a wide variety of dishes, from meat to ice-cream.

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