The Vignamaggio farm

Halfway between Greve and Panzano in Chianti, Vignamaggio Farmstead is a magical place where we gather together the produce from our kitchen gardens, orchards and fields and turn them into something special.

This is where we cure our hams, which come from local Cinta Senese pigs, where we mature our Vinsanto dessert wines, age our crema di mosto, (our own rich version of balsamic vinegar glaze) and bottle and store our extra-virgin olive oil.

Our ageing rooms are hives of activity, where you will see us busily hanging salami, carefully checking the curing of our hams and bottling our fresh green olive oil.

But most of all, you, our guests, will be able to reconnect with the past, and savour the time and care that gives everything we produce its unique flavour.

It is here that we sample, wait, and then sample again. In this way we can offer visitors to the farmstead the very best products at the peak of perfection in the meat platters and tastings that we offer daily.


The farm shop is open every day from 10:00 to 18:30. Here you can buy all our produce, as well as a selection of interior design objects and homeware.


Vignamaggio’s farmstead is on the road known as the “Chiantigiana”, a historic highway that starts in Florence and crosses the whole of Chianti, linking Greve and Panzano, and continuing to Siena. 

The farmstead occupies old stone-built farmhouses and a villa dating from the 1920s in the area known as Montagliari, the site of the Gherardini’s original castle.

The epic story of Montagliari Castle lives on in this area steeped in history. Legend tells that it was here that the Gherardini drew up the plot against Charles de Valois, the backer of the black Guelphs, and that it was from this castle that guerrilla attacks were launched on the grain convoys heading into Florence.

It was for this reason that when the castle was taken by the Florentines in 1302, it was razed to the ground. Most of the Gherardini family fled to Verona or Venice, but some stayed behind in the Greve valley. One of these, Cione Gherardini, known as “the furry one”, crossed to the other side of the valley and laid the foundations of that pink villa which today can be glimpsed through the cypress trees: Vignamaggio.

Today, after more than 600 years, Vignamaggio is again linked to the site of its founders’ original home. The villa sits on one side of the valley, the farm on the other, where every day you can taste the bounty of the land that lies in between.


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